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Our Vision

Launched in 2017, Keep Me Safe was created to deliver safe products to women and families.

In a day and time when so much is out of our control we believe you can control what comes into your home. We believe that exposure to toxic chemicals has a direct effect on your health and quality of life!

Our mission is to keep your family safe in products and to lower the chemical burden brought into your home. We believe if you have a clean home filled with Keep Me Safe products that do no harm, the compounding effects of having less chemical exposures does make a huge difference in the quality of life! What we do today changes our health and environment for you and generations to come.

The cost to become an Advocate is as low as $99, and you do have the option to purchase additional products to supplement your kit, for an additional fee. As an Advocate, you earn 30% commissions on all of your personal sales and have an opportunity to earn fast start bonuses. As a team builder, you have an opportunity to earn multiple types of bonuses on your team. Check out our complete compensation plan here

We are here for you and can’t wait to celebrate YOUR success!