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Dedicated to your health.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between work and family.  We encourage you to bring your kids to work and offer the Mommy & Me Palette to create a space where you’re able to spend cherished moments with your littles while making extra income. See how Keep Me Safe can help you not only help create and grow a strong bonds with your beautiful children but also allow you to create a more financially stable environment to raise your family. 

I’ve been a top leader in three companies making well over six figures only to be missing those magical moments with my babies, and I never want to ask a mother to make that sacrifice. Keep Me Safe™ was created so no woman would have to choose between spending time with her loved ones or making an income. Providing products that are truly safe that can bless people with an incredible experience as well as a business opportunity drives my mission. With Keep Me Safe™, we encourage you to build your dreams with your babies by your side while changing the world with safe products.
— Kelli Bono


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